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The complexity of your condition is what determines how much your care will cost.

We offer payment plans to make our care very affordable without causing undue stress on you while you are trying to heal and recover.
If you are undergoing financial hardship, call our office we can help.

? Do you accept my insurance plan?

a We participate with SOME insurance plans, just call or email our office to find out which ones we accept.

? Why don’t you accept all plans?

a We won’t participate in plans that demand we cut our prices too low. We will make treatment affordable for anyone but we won’t lower the quality of our care. We offer payment plans financial hardship discounts and financing. We believe in high quality care. Our patients love the care they receive. It’s your body and health that is on the line, don’t you want to trust it to people who are experts and truly care?

? What if you do NOT accept my plan?

a You can still come to us and get reimbursed by your insurance*. These days, with the high deductibles and copays, it doesn’t cost much more to see us than someone within your network. We will give you all the necessary information/forms required for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company. *We don’t know how much your insurance will reimburse you, that is up to them.

? How much will it cost if I choose to simply pay you cash/check/credit card?

a It can be as low as $40 per session, depending on the complexity of your condition. And we offer payment plans and financing to make it even more affordable and you can get access to care immediately. If you are undergoing financial hardship*, we may be able to discount our fees dramatically. *Must qualify according to HHS guidelines for poverty.

Areas We Serve

Proudly serving 28 cities in Riverside and surrounding Counties including corona, San Bernardine, Colton, Moreno Valley, Palm Springs, Temecula, and Los Angeles

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Be Wary Of...

1.Beware of physical therapy offices that provide only a passive type of therapy such as using only hot/cold pack, massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound. These treatments may feel good for a very short period afterwards, but they are not a cure to your problem.

2.Beware of physical therapist who do not teach you something new for your problem during each appointment, whether it be a new exercise or self-help tip.

Self Help Tips

Change positions regularly to give your muscles the rest needed to support you better when you return. If you’re sitting, stand up. If you’re bending over, stand and arch backward. A 60 second break every 20 minutes is ideal. Walk 30-minutes briskly on a flat surface. Its important to keep your body’s circulation working well. This helps to increase healing. If pain arises take breaks as needed.

Should your pain become severe, apply ice to the area for 20 minutes. Do not put directly on the skin.

Do not sit longer than 15 consecutive minutes.

Use foot ease, curb, etc. for one leg during prolonged standing to lower pressure on your back.

Sleep on your side with pillows between the knees or on your back with pillows under your knees.


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