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Payment Options

The complexity of your condition is what determines how much your care will cost.
We are in-network with most insurance carriers
We offer payment plans to make our care very affordable without causing undue stress on you while you are trying to heal and recover.

If you are undergoing financial hardship, call our office we can help.

General Questions

Do you accept my insurance plan?

We are in-network with most insurance plans, just call or email our office to find out which ones we accept.

Why don’t you accept all plans?

We won’t participate in plans that demand we cut our prices too low. We will make treatment affordable for anyone but we won’t lower the quality of our care. We offer payment plans financial hardship discounts and financing. We believe in high quality care. Our patients love the care they receive. It’s your body and health that is on the line, don’t you want to trust it to people who are experts and truly care?

What if you do NOT accept my plan?

You can still come to us and get reimbursed by your insurance*. These days, with the high deductibles and copays, it doesn’t cost much more to see us than someone within your network. We will give you all the necessary information/forms required for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company. *We don’t know how much your insurance will reimburse you, that is up to them.

How much will it cost if I choose to simply pay you cash/check/credit card?

We have a variety of treatments programs, ranging from fitness, quick fix pain relief, specialized massage, to medically prescribed treatment programs. Cost of care varies depending on the program that you are looking for, the complexity of your condition and the goals that you are wishing to achieve. Please call our front office at 951-684-2865 to get an up to date list of all the programs, costs and specials that we have. Know that we always offer payment plans and financing to make it even more affordable, and you can get access to care immediately.
If you are undergoing financial hardship*, we may be able to discount our fees dramatically. *Must qualify according to HHS guidelines for poverty.

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