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“We help people overcome injury, resolve pain, and move better so they can return to what they love doing in life, without pain meds, frequent doctors visits, or future surgeries!”

Our revolutionary treatment programs are designed to get you feeling better and back to an active life fast! You will receive caring and compassionate care from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. You will also receive self-help tips for home and self empowerment.

Fast Acting Pain Relief With Lasting Results

We are the experts in gentle pain and injury solutions. Our progressive techniques are sure to produce the results that you desire with your pain relief. As a patient, you will undergo a complete physical exam, one on one with a skilled therapist who will listen, understand, and be quick in determining your needs. Even if you have tried other treatments, we offer programs that are right for you, and are proven to be the MOST effective for people suffering from:

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Benefits of Our Programs:

 Reduced pain

 Start seeing immediate results

 Learn how to avoid future problems

 Live life more enjoyably

 Return to a more active lifestyle

 Sleep better

 Increased flexibility & movement

 Improved core stability


New Patient Forms

We make it easy for you to register for care by having you complete as minimal amount of paperwork as possible. Please call 1-800-758-0097 to schedule your first appointment and have your email address ready. We will email the new patient forms to you after we schedule your first appointment.

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