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At Prime Therapy we help you achieve your health and fitness goals so that you can live an active, healthy lifestyle without pain or fear of future injury. We do this by providing you with specialized treatment techniques and lifelong knowledge given by Experts who will help you overcome injury, resolve pain, and avoid future injuries, so that you can return to what you love doing without having to depend on pain medication or frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Whatever your goal is, we will be your guides to help you achieve it, while making sure you have an amazing experience in the process!

Receive Fast Acting Pain Relief with Lasting Results

As a patient, you will undergo a complete physical exam, one on one with a skilled therapist who will listen, understand, and be comprehensive in determining your needs. Our treatments are designed to be most effective in treating a wide variety of painful conditions.

Shoulder Pain

Ankle & Foot Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain

Elbow Pain

Hip & Knee Pain

Head & Neck Pain

Jaw Pain

Back Pain

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Benefits of our Programs

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  • Reduced Pain
  • Start seeing immediate results
  • Learn how to avoid future problems
  • Live life more enjoyably
  • Return to a more active lifestyle
  • Sleep better
  • Increased flexibility & movement
  • Improved core stability

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