Tae, Physical Therapy Assistant

I am interested in Movies, Video games and power lifting. I went to Stanbridge University for an education in PTA program. I began my career as PTA in August 2017.

Rebecca, Physical Therapy Aide

I graduated from La Sierra University with a BS in Exercise Science. I enjoy traveling, coffee, dogs and a good movie.

Mitra, Office Manager

I have served Patients & Clients for many years, on my current & previous jobs, as well as my own businesses in the past, where I have always attempted to provide them the best service as well as help them feel better about themselves. Working at PRIME Therapy & Pain Center gives me a great satisfaction knowing we are providing the best possible treatments for their conditions to improve their quality of life & enable most of them to go back to their normal daily activities. Helping others is super-rewarding to me & makes me feel that I have accomplished my mission in life.

Jocelyn, Physical Therapy AIDE & Front Office Admin

Hello my name is Jocelyn I graduated with a Kinesiology degree from CSU Dominguez Hills and I am currently a PTA student at Stanbridge. I love everything about Physical therapy I love seeing the progress and how you can be creative with exercises. And using my knowledge to help others reach their goals. Besides PT I love hanging with family and spending time with my cute cats. 

Dr. Justin Luna

My interest in physical therapy began by being a patient myself. Always battling the challenges of sport-related injuries, I found myself in the rehab room more often than not. I took interest in learning about strategies and preventative measures to reduce my risk of injury which helped, but my “google” web searches of how to perform better, reduce injury, movement training only got me so far. Little did I know this background would make a huge impact in my future career. In 2008 I graduated from California Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with an emphasis of human development. In 2013, I completed an associate degree in Physical therapy assistant from Loma Linda University where I gained a passion and found my calling in life. This new profound passion motivated me to return to Loma Linda University and achieve my Doctor of Physical Therapy where I graduated with honors in 2017. I love helping people! First by listening, followed by paving a way to help my clients achieve their goals.  Much too often the stresses of injury can affect one’s life in a significant way and finding the way back can be difficult. With the utilization of graded exposure to movement and a neuro-ortho evidenced-based approach, I will collaborate, educate, empower, and assist you in gaining your life back and living it to the fullest. Outside the clinic, I am an avid surfer who enjoys traveling the world in search of the best waves. I spend most of my off-time spending time with his fiancée, family, friends, and my furry friend mini Australian Sheppard named Cody.


David (Physical Trainer): I love helping people reach their fitness goal and also teaching them the proper way to perform the exercises. My passion is to help people, for me the best way to help people was through fitness and health. When a client is starting to see their fitness results, they are joyful and want to improve and change their lifestyle and eating habits and stay in shape, which gives me a sense of accomplishment. The reason I decided to pursue a license in Physical Therapy Assistance (PTA) is Knowing that I could make a difference in someone’s life for the better through this medium, that led me to return to school and finish PTA program and advance my expertise by becoming a PTA in the near future. Some of the clients I’ve had in the past wanted to improve their range of motion or wanted to improve their strength. After weeks of training, I helped them achieve both. I wanted to take a step further from personal training by transitioning into physical therapy with the hope of helping people achieve their personal goals. So I started to volunteer at a local physical therapy office to see how it is to work there. After months of volunteering, I knew I would be happy with a career in physical therapy. As an exercise specialist, I love seeing the joy on the patient's faces after each visit and seeing them improve and reach their goals.

Janine, Front Office Admin

- Married 16 years, Mom of 2 - Became a Massage Therapist at 22 & Worked with Chiropractors for 15+ years - Life’s Motto: “Accept what is , Let Go of what was, Have faith in what will be”

Dr. Hooman (Mike) Javanmardi

Every week, for close to two decades, 100s of people have consulted Dr. Javanmardi looking for answers to concerning questions about, and for a fast end to their Back Pain and stiffness. Dr. Hooman Mike Javanmardi is the founder of PRIME Therapy and Pain Center.  Dr Mike has passionately been creating rehabilitation programs for physicians and patients in Southern California for over 18 years. Dr. Mike’s extensive educational background and experience in treating neurological and orthopedic disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system has gained him the trust of top physicians and their patients throughout Southern California. His philosophy to optimal physical fitness and wellbeing is derived from understanding the individual patient and client as a whole, not just the specific area of injury. This approach has lead Dr. Javanmardi to great success in achieving positive outcomes for his clients and those who refer them. Dr. Javanmardi is a graduate of Loma Linda University where he obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2001.  Since then, he has gone through extensive continuing education courses addressing the spine, pelvis and extremities. Dr. Javanmardi is a Certified A.R.T. provider, and has also received certifications in functional assessment, return to work programs and has completed 2 postgraduate programs on “Manual Therapy” and “Examination, Assessment and Management of the Neuro-Orthopaedic Patient”.
 Prior to developing PRIME Therapy and Pain Center, Dr. Javanmardi was the Rehabilitation Director for Haider Spine Center In Riverside CA, where he enjoyed treating patients referred to him by top physicians and spine surgeons for 6 years.  He also helped develop a back safety program for nurses during his rotation at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.   Dr. Mike works with athletes and people aged 35-64+ on a daily basis, is involved in the research of Back Pain, writes about back pain, and continues to lecture extensively on the topic.